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World War II memorials around Chabanais

Resistance damage to the bridge at Chabanais in World War 2

Chabanais World War II sites of interest

The National association of former combatants and Friends of the Resistance have collated and commemorated a number of sites around Chabanais that were significant to the struggle of the Maquis (The Resistance) against the occupying German forces in World War II.

World War II memorials around Chabanais

Going clockwise from top right:

1. Skirmish between members of the FTP (Francs Tireurs Partisans – the Maquis) and GMR (Gardes Mobiles de Reserves) (home guard of the Vichy Régime). 28th November 1943.

2. Location of a Parachute drops of supplies for the FTP. January – June 1944.

3. The memorial for the Seven – 7 young Maquisards shot by the Nazis in Chabanais 1st August 1944.

4. The Pont de Pilat – destoyed by the Maquis. 1st August 1944.

5. Crash-site of a British aeroplane. Airmen were rescued by the Maquis. May 1944.

6. Base of Corps Franc FTP June 1944.

7. Base of Maquis FTP. Parachute drops Maquis FTP June – August 1944.

8. Battle of Chabanais between Maquis FTP, Nazi and militia forces. The Bridge was destroyed by the Maquis and the enemy partially burnt the town. This bridge is one of the key crossing points of the river Vienne for several miles up or downstream and would have forced enemy convoys off the main Limoges Angouleme road to find an alternative crossing point.

9. The Battle for Exideuil between the Maquis FTP and Nazis for the bridge. 2 Maquis killed. 31st July 1944.

10. Le Mas du Bost, La Guéranchie, L’Aumônerie, Peyras, all villages burnt by the Nazis 31st July 1944.

Association of former combattants & friends of the Resistance
Conseil Générale de la Charente