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Holiday activities around La Croix Gites, France

Lakeside bar & restaurant, La Guerlie Plage, Pressignac

There is so much to do on your French Cottage Holiday to La Croix Gites it is hard to know where to start!

Our Map of Holiday Activities

Featured Activities

If you’re after adventure / activity, then there is the Base Nautique – which is the water sports park at the local lakes. Here you can sail and windsurf or just hire a pedaloe. There is river kayaking nearby. Or you can go Velo-Railing – an old rail cart which you pedal up 14 kilometers of track to the nearby station where you can buy an ice cream and have a rest before heading back to your departure point (great fun!). There is also “Acrobranche” an adventure park suspended in mid-air! Your feet don’t touch the ground the whole time in the park. There is a zip wire, bungee jumps and rope bridges. At Angouleme there is an indoor swimming park (flumes, wave generators). There is an amusement Park (Parc Bellevue) at Limoges which is a great day out. At Poitiers, there is the magnificent Futuroscope which is an absolute must.

Animal Parks abound. There is Valley of the Monkeys which is great – monkeys and gorillas separated from you just by water! It’s a great day out. There is ‘Island of Serpents & Reptiles‘; Castle of the Eagles; and some delightful smaller animal parks.

If you fancy Wine or Cognac, there is St.Sornin Vineyard and the distilleries at Cognac. For children there are activities such as face-painting and a train ride to occupy kids while the parents go on the tours.

The place is steeped in history. We’re on the lip of the crater of the 15th largest meterorite to have ever hit the earth. 22km wide. The pre-historic caves of Villars (complete with cave paintings) is just an hour away and well worth a visit. The Romans built one of Europe’s largest thermal baths just 5km away at Chassenon (Cassinomagus). Richard the Lionheart had a string of chateaux here. More recently the Limousin was at the heart of resistance in World War II, with the terrible evidence of the martyred village at Oradour Sur Glane, just 20km away.

There are local markets, the famous Piegut-Pluviers market nearby and even shopping malls at Limoges and Angouleme. There are all ranges of bars and restaurans to choose from, some with Sports TV.

Whatever you want to do there is an abundance of activities for every taste – that is – if you can prise yourselves away from La Croix Spa itself! 

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