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5% Discount off P&O Ferry Crossings

P&O Ferries discount

All La Croix guests qualify for a 5% P&O Ferries discount code on their channel crossing from Dover to Calais, Hull or Teesport to Zeebrugge if they use the Chez Nous Travel service to book their trip. (Zeebrugge is a very good stop if you are coming from the North East: it saves all the drive down to the busy roads of the South East (Dover) and only adds an hour the other end on the Calais road trip.)

If you are coming via Portsmouth and using Brittanny Ferries,  then you can still get a 5% discount on your crossing using Chez Nous, but you will get a 20% discount if you use our own particular booking code with Brittany Ferries (please contact us when you book for your code). Find out more here.

For all your onward travel needs please check our Directions page and Planning your Trip section. With 5% P&O ferry deals to be had: what’s not to like?

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20% Discount off Brittany Ferries for all La Croix guests

Brittany Ferries Logo

All La Croix guests qualify for a 20% Brittany Ferries discount on their channel crossing from Portsmouth to Caen, Le Harvre or St. Malo and back.

Cut your holiday ferry costs by 20% using this discount code! And save miles on the road by having a longer, more leisurely crossing by sea and a shorter road trip in France (meaning less fuel, fewer tolls and stops too).

To qualify for these Brittany Ferries deals, you will need to book your holiday at La Croix Spa and use Brittany Ferries for the crossing. Please ask us at the time of your booking for your discount code.

(Offer only applies to Brittany Ferries and not to other ferry operators. Also only applies to passenger and car fares but not to onboard accommodation or purchases made on board.)

If you book La Croix Spa through Holiday France Direct using the links below, your Brittany Ferries discount will also apply.

Sartre (Family of 4)Baudelaire (Family of 6)Racine (Family of 6)Corneille (Family of 8 – 10)

If you are coming via Dover or using P&O, then you can still get a 5% discount on your P&O crossing using our affiliation with Chez Nous. Find out more here.