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Velorail at Confolens

Velorail at Confolens makes a great half day out. Vélorail  is a metal truck to which two bicycles have been attached along with 3 passenger seats and a picnic basket.

You pedal along an abandoned railway track between Confolens and Manot or Roumazieres and Manot and back again, passing over the “Viaduc de Laplaud”, a 6 arch viaduct. The surrounding countryside and woodland are beautiful and peaceful. 

The journey is about 15km round trip and you are given 2.5 hours to complete it. You encounter only small inclines but you have to stop every now and then to operate a series of barriers when the railway line crosses local roads.

Velorail makes for a great-fun half day for everyone, especially kids. 

Pre-booking advisable in high season as you are sent off at pre-set times and the attraction is popular. Cost is  25 per truck for 5 people for 2.5 hours. Refreshments available at half-way point but there is also space in the cart for a small picnic basket.

Guests of registered tourist accommodation receive discount vouchers for this activity.

Confolens itself is a delightful town with an old town centre and plays host annually to the Confolens Festival which is also well worth a visit.

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