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Oradour Sur Glane – Martyred village

Martyred village of Oradour sur Glane
Martyred village - oradour sur glane

This is the martyred World War II village. On 10th June 1944 as the allies were advancing through northern France and more and more German units were being moved north, being fearful of a strong rear-guard action by the French resistance, the Waffen SS rounded up 642 men, women and children in this peaceful (non-resistance) town and brutally put them to death by fire and arms. Continue reading Oradour Sur Glane – Martyred village

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Reconstructed Gallic Village

Coriobona, Reconstructed ancient Gaulish village

This is an outdoors fully reconstructed ancient Gallic Village aiming to recapture what one of these would have been like around 1st Century BC. There are farmers houses, aristocratic houses, a forum.

Guided tours are available in the afternoons 14:00 – 17:00 July and August and some weeks they have actors to bring a more realistic feel to the village.

Learn more about the history of ancient France. 





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Chateau La Rochefoucauld

Chateau de la Rochefoucauld

Chateau at La Rochefoucauld The Chateau at Rochefoucauld. Rather easier to digest than the chateaux in the Loire, as it is smaller, well restored and furnished and is still lived-in by the family. Well worth a morning’s visit – kids (of all ages!) can dress up in mediaeval costume for their visit. 
The town is also charming with good places to stop and eat.