Privacy Policy

Owner: Paula & Richard Martin
Company: Martin, Richard. SIRET: 448 233 288 00019
Restrictions: VAT not applicable (Article 293 B du CGI).

The personal data we collect on our website is used solely for the management and administration of holiday bookings at La Croix Spa. By using the contact and reservation booking forms on our website, a customer consents for La Croix Spa to record their name and contact details that will include Name, Telephone number, email address and home address.

Due to the ongoing security situation in France, we are obliged under French law to hold booking information of non French Nationals (Name of visitors, members of their party and booking dates) for 6 months after each booking and to make this information available to French Police upon request. 

French nationals are requested to complete a form providing details of names, ages and postal codes of people in their party.  This information is held and retained solely for inspection upon written request from the local tax authority in relation to collection of tourism taxes and is held for a period of 6 months after your stay. For non French nationals, aggregate visitor information (numbers, adults, children, number of nights) has to be made available to local tax authorities for the purposes f tourism tax assessment, but this information contains no personal details.

Customers may ask us at any time what data we hold on record for them and how consent to hold that data was originally given.

Customers may at any time withdraw their consent for La Croix Spa to hold their data so long as this request is not made within 6 months of their stay.

This website uses cookies to manage certain aspects of the booking process. These cookies are not under our direct control and are not visible to us. They exist to provide necessary functionality in the website.  We ask you for your consent to use these cookies upon your first visit to the site and should you revisit the site, monthly thereafter (and this consent tracking therefore also uses cookies).  Cookies are stored on your own PC and can be managed through your Internet Browser (lookup “cookies” in your browser help for more information). Users may opt out of using cookies by disabling them in their browser, however this may alter their experience of the site and prevent them booking a holiday with us over the internet. (Email and paper forms are otherwise available, please ask.)

Google Data:
We use Google analytics to monitor visitor behaviour on our site for the purposes of of improving our online presence and online service to customers.  From time to time we may also use Google Ads for advertising. Google uses cookies, web beacons and other mechanisms to collect and store information in the course of analysing site performance and in serving ads. We have access to this information in a non-personalised, summarised reporting format to allow us to judge the effectiveness of our site and ad campaigns. There is no information that would identify any individual’s access to our site and enable us to identify them or contact them as a result of visiting our site. Google’s cookie information is not visible to us and is not under our control. Users may find out more about Google cookies by visiting the Google ad and content network privacy policy.

Google Calendar:
Our booking calendar synchronises with a Google Calendar for the purposes of synchronising all our booking information across all our linked agencies and advertisers. (This is to avoid double-booking.) However no customer information is passed in this synchronisation: only the name of the cottage, the fact that it is booked, and the booking dates.

Site Security:

CCTV cameras are installed at La Croix Spa for security purposes. The cameras are positioned to control the perimeter of the premises for the protection of the property and the property of our guests.