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Roman Baths – Chassenon

Model of Cassinomagus

These Roman baths about 5km away from La Croix Spa are the largest Roman Baths in Northern Europe, outside Rome itself.

Gallo Roman Baths at Chassenon

These baths were only rediscovered in 1958 and have been extensively excavated. The original site is huge, but the central baths and temple area only remain accessible to the public and are well worth a morning or afternoon’s visit. 

You are able to visit the main baths themselves, with the various changing and bathing rooms and you can also see the giant furnaces beneath the whole structure which heated up the water. Traces of the original aquifers are visible and a short walk takes you through the grounds to the site of the temple. There are further ruins across the road indicating the site of the amphitheatre, but these are on private land and are not accessible to the public.

For those interested in more of the history of the baths and their original strategic and cultural importance, please see a more detailed article we have written here.

If you are interested in other aspects of Roman influence in the region and aspects of the very ancient history you can read a more detailed article on this here.

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