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Having A Beauty Treatment At La Croix Spa

Having a beauty treatment at La Croix Spa

As the name suggests, La Croix Spa offers many of the facilities of a health spa at home. Included in the price of your holiday are the hot tub, sauna and heated, floodlit swimming pool (and the sun is free). But we also offer pampering beauty treatments at La Croix Spa.

Our beautician offers facials, manicure, pedicure and waxes at very reasonable prices. Why not treat yourself to a full set of acrylic nails, or just a tidy and polish? See more details from Linda’s latest price list. Please let us know if you want any treatments either before you arrive, or during your stay here. 

Don’t forget that as part of your Spa holiday, overall skincare is important – not just during a beauty treatment. The sun can get very hot here in July and August and you will need to purchase suntan creams for adults and kids as well as aftersun. As you will be out in the sun and fresh air, you may also want to think about haircare products, not only lightening products, but also conditioners. You may also want to think about a new swimming costume to treat yourself at the start of your holiday.

Your food is also an overall part of feeling beautiful at La Croix Spa. You can give your self the chance to detox while you are here, either by following a specific detox regime, or simply by eating the local fresh produce. With local fresh produce available right off the supermarket shelves, you can be assured that you are eating really healthy food without tons of preservatives or colourants. Remember to drink plenty of water as well and top it off with the great priced local French Wine of the South West!

Whatever you choose for your holiday at La Croix Spa, you can be assured you will be giving your body a complete break from the stresses of daily living. We are here to ensure that happens.