COVID 19 Precautions

We have recently reopened following the COVID-19 lockdown in France.

We are adhering to local government guidance on the safety and wellbeing of our guests following the Covid 19 pandemic. The Charente is classified as a low risk zone in France and all tourist attractions, cafés/restaurants and amenities in this area have recently reopened and are adhering to government advice with respect to protection and prevention measures against the Coronavirus.

For now until further notice, Holiday bookings can only be made directly with us so that we can consider the needs of each family group and manage the numbers of guests staying at the same time. There will be no fixed changeover days and the minimum length of stay – usually a week in the summer holidays – will be shortened to 4 nights to give people some flexibility and also allow us to maintain the necessary spacing between the arrival and departure of guests for the proper sanitation and airing of each cottage. So it may not be possible to make start and end days on Fridays or Saturdays as previously.

We will ensure that our accommodation is thoroughly cleaned prior to arrival and will maintain social distancing across our accommodation in line with government guidelines. The only shared spaces on the property are outside (gardens, pool area, play areas, covered picnic and games areas). The equipment in these areas will be sanitised daily. The garden games room doors will be open and hand sanitiser(s) provided for guests use of toys/games in that room.

There are not yet national government guidelines for cleaning holiday properties but we adhere to the guidelines issued by the local Tourism Board (Charente Tourisme) and holiday advertising companies in France e.g. To sanitise the cottages we use antiviral cleaning products complying with standard EN 14476 and bleach solutions (following the directives on bleach concentration).

Soap, hand sanitiser and antiviral cleaning products will be available in each cottage for guests’ use so that they can feel reassured they can keep themselves and their families safe and have a relaxed and enjoyable holiday.

For the pool facilities we follow the guidance of ARS (governing body for pool and water analysis) and are subject to regular checks and testing visits by them. The heated swimming pool is chlorinated and is open for the holiday season (subject to regulations of social distancing and sanitation of shared facilities). Sunbeds will be allocated to each family and not shared between guests. The sauna will be available and must be reserved by guests with the owners.